All about heated gloves

All about heated gloves

From a relaxed family outing to a longer motorcycle ride or a winter vacation, wherever it's cold, heated gloves are used. They impress with their compact size and are quickly ready for use.
If you are riding a two-wheeler in winter, heated motorcycle gloves are ideal to keep you in control of the machine at all times. Reliable reaction in traffic is important and the warming finger protection ensures this. The qualities of heated gloves are appreciated when snowboarding, skiing or winter touring.

Anyone who has to work outside or visit the Christmas market will also be happy to have warm fingers.

Why wear heated gloves?

Heated gloves, also called thermal gloves, are gloves with integrated heating wires with one or more rechargeable batteries. They ensure warm hands during winter walks, motorcycle rides or skiing. People who suffer from cold hands due to Raynaud's syndrome also like to wear warm gloves, although the health insurance company does not normally pay for heated gloves.

Batteries are stored in special small compartments on the glove, so that they do not disturb while being worn and are protected from moisture. In addition, the gloves are constructed in the same way as normal gloves and are ideally suited for outdoor use.
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How do heated gloves work?

The gloves have a battery that supplies energy to the fingers. The small device is placed discreetly and does not interfere with use. It provides several hours of service and must be charged before being worn.
The normal plug is used for this purpose, a charging cable guarantees a safe charge. If the battery is sufficiently charged, switch on the heating gloves by pressing a button. They will start to warm up and fingers will quickly become warm.

Various setting options are available so that the temperature is adapted to the respective environment. This is an advantage, because the finger heating system must be suitable for every temperature, even the coldest.

What are the different types of gloves?

If you wish to purchase heated gloves for your outdoor activities, you have the choice between two different types: thin heated gloves liners or heated gloves.

A rough distinction is made between heated gloves liners and heating gloves. Heated gloves liners are usually made of a thinner material and serve as a heating insert for conventional gloves. They are often cheaper and can be combined with existing gloves.

In contrast to heating gloves, which look like conventional gloves but have a warming function. They are lined and ideally water repellent.

The advantage is that you only need one glove and not two. However, the prices are several times higher than those of indoor gloves. Models can also be worn under or individually.
However, in order to achieve a high level of heat release in cold weather, an additional under-glove may be required.

The following table shows you where the differences lie.

Type of gloves Features
Heated gloves liners
  • Thin gloves that are worn under normal gloves and are close to the skin.
  • Heating effect up to 140 °F for a limited period of time
  • Usually equipped with a thin battery
  • Inexpensive and well suited for occasional use
Heated Gloves
  • Look like regular ski or motorcycle gloves
  • Can provide pleasant warmth for several hours
  • High number of heat levels
  • Are sturdy and offer a secure grip

Note: There are also heated gloves with a USB cable specially designed for working on a PC or laptop. We will not explicitly discuss this particular sub-category in this article. However, most of the purchasing criteria also apply to these models.

Glove or mitten? A question of taste

Heated Mittens

In sports or medical supply stores, there are heated gloves in the form of mittens or mitts. What you choose is ultimately a matter of taste. In gloves, you have better sensitivity and accessibility to finger movements. The fingers of the mittens become almost completely warm and the thermal insulation is better.

When buying, pay attention to the heating surface and the distribution of heat. Models that warm the whole hand down to the fingers are particularly popular as heated gloves for women, because women have cold hands more often than men.

Apart from that, it is important that you can dose the heat. The best heated glove is of no use to you if the heat is too little or too much. That is why many manufacturers offer up to three heating levels. If you want to wear your gloves in different seasons and in different weather conditions, you should use this type of model.

Are heated gloves dangerous?

Correctly constructed, there is no risk of use. The resulting heat is pleasant and not too hot. The cables are safely laid in the heating gloves and therefore do not present any risk either. It is important to guarantee reliable quality. The battery and the heating make it a technical product that requires a minimum of performance. Approved and tested products provide a high level of safety. All materials used are suitable for the resulting temperatures and you can therefore wear the gloves without hesitation.

It is a technical device that meets all legal safety measures.
The cables or the system must not be damaged. If you notice any changes or malfunctions during use, contact the manufacturer immediately for repairs. At the time of purchase, you must ensure that the battery is in a protected position. It should be in a pocket or similar device. The solid parts of the gloves should not be on areas of the hand.

When the glove has been tested, it is technically safe. On the other hand, holding the handle also plays an important role in safety.
The gloves must fit snugly and fingers must be able to grasp easily. Heated motorcycle gloves must give you sufficient sensitivity so that you can operate the machine without problems. Special attention must be paid to the grip surface. This can be designed to be particularly easy to grip or have a rubberized surface.

Can heated gloves be washed?

If you ride or ski with heated gloves, they can become contaminated with sweat, snow or dirt over time. Washing the gloves is usually not a problem.

To do so, you must remove the heating elements, which is not possible with all models. You should therefore read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. After removing the heating elements, you can wash the gloves by hand with a mild detergent.
The water temperature should only be lukewarm. Then rinse the gloves well and allow them to dry completely before reinserting the heating elements.
If this is not the case, it is strongly recommended to wash the heating gloves by hand.

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