Heated Gloves

Warming your hands, even in very cold weather is not a problem!

Are you going biking, skiing, winter fishing or hunting? Keep your hands warm with warm gloves. They are equipped with fiber heaters that can warm your hands even at the lowest temperatures.
Our best heated gloves are made of "breathable" materials that don't allow moisture from outside to get into your gloves. Some gloves only work on batteries, while others can be used with batteries. This can greatly extend their life.

Your new weapon against the cold!

Our pairs of heated gloves for men and women provide complete protection for your hands when you practice active sports or long term outdoor activities in winter. The windproof and waterproof membrane offers complete comfort of the grip in the most extreme conditions. The rapid heating of the gloves allows you to forget the cold on your hands and have a great time!

The elaborate structure of the gloves allows you to warm your entire hand including fingertips for a long period of time and provide 100% protection against the cold. Warming gloves remain the number one remedy against winter illnesses (colds, Raynaud's disease...). Our mittens offer an unprecedented comfort and help keep our hands warm. Take care of your health.

What are the types of heated glove models?

First of all, you should choose heated gloves according to your location, your activities and your personal needs.

➲ Heated gloves for skiing. They are made with several linings. The heating mittens contain heating elements to ensure a comfortable moment on the skin. These ski gloves also perform a protective function. The autonomy of the opening batteries vary from 3 to 7 hours.

➲ Heated gloves for motorcyclists. Designed for use while riding a motorcycle or scooter. Usually made of specially treated leather, and can be powered not only by batteries, but also by the motorcycle's power supply. Equipped with multi-level hand protection to limit damage during a possible accident.

➲ Heated gloves for hunting or fishing. The peculiarity of these heated gloves lies in the ability to use powerful portable batteries and their windproof and waterproof fabrics. Therefore, the duration of these gloves can be up to 8 hours.

➲ USB computer heated gloves. These models often have open fingers, allowing you to use a PC and other office equipment without hindrance. Flow from the USB connector.

How to choose your heated gloves?

To choose your heated gloves, you need to study the following features:

  • Battery life : Which is particularly important in long distance raids. It will be unpleasant if the gloves stop warming up in the middle of the planned event.
  • The quality of the fabric : It is very important that the glove material does not let moisture in, as it can damage the heating elements.
  • Wind protection : Simply cope with high winds and other inclement weather while providing warmth for your hands.
  • The presence of a breathable membrane : Which will prevent hands from sweating and ensure normal air circulation.
  • A place for the battery : Allows you to hide the battery out of your pockets. This is especially important during outdoor activities, so you can easily hang the power supply attached more easily.

Why use heated gloves?

Here are the main features of these heated gloves that will allow you to offer this comfort on a daily basis :


Heated gloves are increasingly recommended worldwide. They can adjust the temperature (104-149 degrees Fahrenheit). They support the protection against overheating to safely ensure your needs.


The dense microfiber structure traps the air inside the gloves and prevents heat loss. Even if the heated gloves are not turned on (without heating), the membrane retains its own arm heat much more efficiently than single gloves.

Fast heating speed 🚀

A carbon fiber heater is used, which works 3 times faster, allowing the gloves to be heated very quickly (in 15 seconds). The intelligent temperature control chip can provide long-lasting heat.


Our heated gloves are equipped with two rechargeable lithium batteries (one for each glove). To activate the heat, simply connect the battery to the glove and put it in a special pocket. The gloves are up to 7 hours.