Red Heated Ski Gloves

Red Heated Ski Gloves Badges

Skiing will never be the same again with these heated red ski gloves

Are you planning to go to the mountains this winter? Don't forget to get those new red ski heating gloves.

These heated red ski gloves offer the assurance to enjoy the slide without ever worrying about catching a cold. Your fingers wrapped inside will always be warm. The fabric lining protects from cold winds and also from the humidity of the snow.

The main specifications of these heated red ski gloves are :

  • A nylon and cotton design
  • Three temperature levels
  • Up to 6 hours of heating
  • A maximum temperature of 113°F
  • Lithium battery 4000mah

〰️ Size guide 〰️

One size fits all :

Red Heated Ski Gloves Size