Reflective Heated Gloves


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Reflective heated gloves to be protected from the cold day and night

Soon the ski resorts will reopen. To hurtle down the ski slopes, these reflective heated gloves can be very useful.

These reflective heated gloves are sufficiently padded and long enough to protect you from the cold outside. In addition, they can be equipped with a battery for permanent heat diffusion. The orange inserts are reflective. Wrist straps keep your gloves securely in place.

The product has other interesting features such as :

  • Between 4 and 8 hours of heat diffusion
  • Temperatures between 113° and 149 °F
  • Three temperature settings
  • A comfortable and breathable fabric
  • 2x Li-ion 6000 mAh battery

〰️ Size Guide 〰️

Reflective Heated Gloves Size