Knitted Heated Gloves

Knitted heated gloves Badges

Knitted heating gloves: a simple design, but very effective against the cold

These knitted heated gloves can become an everyday item of equipment that you will never want to part with.

These knitted heating gloves are made of polyester. It is not wool, but the result is very similar. Generally speaking, just like wool, polyester is able to retain heat and act as a barrier against the cold. In addition, it has better resistance and non-slip properties.

The product has an interesting data sheet with :
  • An elastic and flexible design
  • A voltage of 5V
  • A temperature of 104°F
  • An acrylic material

⚠️ No external batteries are sold in the package.

〰️ Size guide 〰️

One size fits all :

Width of the hand : about 4,33 In
Tip: about 7,87 In
Length of the middle finger: about 2,75 In
Total length: about 8,66 In