Men's heated ski gloves

Men's heated ski gloves Badges

Men's heated ski gloves: a garment based on comfort and protection.

You are looking for gloves to spend the winter, think about these heated ski gloves for men.

These heated ski gloves for men have been designed to withstand the most extreme winter temperatures. Whatever you think you're doing outdoors, put them on. They will automatically form a barrier against cold winds. Plus, when you turn on the heating system, you'll feel better.

Here are some interesting features of the men's ski glove heaters:

  • Two 2000 mAh batteries
  • About three hours of heating
  • Heating zone around the fingers
  • Water repellent and breathable fabric.

〰️ Size Guide 〰️

One size fits all :

Width : 14,72 In;

Length : 11,61 In;

Wrist size : 7,08-8,27 In