Orange Heated Ski Gloves

Orange Heated Ski Gloves Badges

Orange ski heated gloves: the new equipment to complete your kit

For your ski sessions, you need quality equipment including these orange heated ski gloves.

To practice skiing, it is essential to be well protected. Good protection means having good gloves among other things. These orange heated ski gloves are made for this activity. This, in particular thanks to the comfort provided, to the resistance of the fabric and to the diffused heat.

With this product, you benefit from :

  • Two 2000 mAh batteries
  • Heating time up to 3 hours
  • An adaptive heat controller
  • A heating zone around the fingers

〰️ Size Guide 〰️

One size fits all :

Width : 14,72 In;

Length : 11,61 In;

Wrist size : 7,08-8,27 In