Warm Usb Heated Gloves

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Warm USB Heated Gloves: never miss the chance to warm up when you want to

The advantage of these warm USB heated gloves is that they diffuse enough heat to give you a comfortable feeling.

These warm USB heated gloves have technical features that are worth looking into. Indeed, the product is equipped with :

  • A low power consumption system
  • Plugs and cables for USB connection
  • From a device supplied with 5V
  • Heating elements between 104° to 122°F

The heating time for these gloves is quite fast. Once connected to a computer, it only takes a maximum of 3 minutes for the heat to diffuse.

⚠️ No external batteries are sold in the set.

〰️ Size guide 〰️

One size fits all : (5,9x7,72 In)