Heated Winter Gloves

Winter Heated Gloves Badges

Heated winter gloves for optimal protection when leaving the house

Autumn will soon give way to winter with its sharp drops in temperature. For your outings during this period, you can use these heated winter gloves.

To fight against the cold in winter, you absolutely need the winter heating gloves. With them, it is impossible to catch cold. The plush thickening serves as a perfect and comfortable cover for your hands. The fabric is waterproof and doesn't let the wind blow through.

In addition, as other special features, these heated winter gloves have :

  • Three temperature levels between 104 and 131 °F
  • A full heating of the back of the hand
  • A non-slip fabric
  • A wear-resistant fabric
  • Battery of 3 AAA dry cells

 〰️ Size Guide 〰️

One size fits all :

Total length 13,38 In,

Palm circumference 7,78-8,66 In,

Palm width 3,15-3,74 In